The most comprehensive performance testing tool for next-generation automotive hardware

Provides understanding of automotive hardware performance

ADASBench helps chip companies, automotive suppliers and carmakers gain insight into the performance characteristics of the latest automotive hardware platforms. ADASBench allows to showcase your platform’s capabilities to your target audience or evaluate different solutions in the sourcing process.

On the road towards autonomous driving

ADASBench is a unique tool to assess the major aspects of automotive platforms that power the cars of the future. The test suite includes in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), human-machine interface (HMI) and different components of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving capabilities based on neural networks and computer vision.

Developed in cooperation with leading companies

We work with leading companies in the industry to develop reliable performance tests that reflect real-world automotive use-cases and workloads. Joining the ADASBench Development Program enables our partners to contribute to the test suite all along the development process.


ADASBench is the most comprehensive automotive performance benchmark, including a variety of use cases that allows you to test multiple performance characteristics from IVI to autonomous driving.

Hardware accelerated, 4k videostreaming (H264, H265)

Virtual dashboard rendering using OpenGL ES

Surround view image stitching and drowsiness detection using OpenCL and CUDA

Neural network-based object and feature detection using OpenCL and CUDA

Running all tests simultaneously to stress every aspect of the hardware


Development program benefits

  • Contributing to benchmark development with your feedback on use-cases and workloads
  • Getting source and binary code access from alpha to final stage of the release cycle
  • Assessing and improving your hardware performance through automated testing
  • Comparing hardware performance to other platforms (GPUs, CPUs, SoCs) across APIs (OpenGL ES, OpenCL, CUDA)
  • Customizing test configurations
  • Receiving regular reports and statistics on test scores
  • Support from our team in the build process, porting to required platforms and bug fixes
  • Support from our team in preparing for demos and showcases


ADASBench released for testing automotive application processors
December 01, 2015

ADASBench is Kishonti’s new benchmark targeting next-generation application processors used in the automotive industry.  


ADASBench is the automotive benchmark of Kishonti Ltd., the developer of popular cross-platform graphics and compute benchmarks GFXBench, CompuBench and RTRTBench. Head over to our websites to learn more about our products and services!